Spirituality & Pastoral Counseling

Lifeworks Psychotherapy, Chicago and Skokie spirituality and pastoral counselingLifeWorks offers Pastoral Counseling for those who seek a framework of psychotherapy that integrates psychology with spirituality.  Pastoral Counseling is a therapy option for those who wish to explore, deepen or integrate the meaning and movement of the Divine (as each individual defines and understands it) in and through their life journey.

Pastoral counselors and psychotherapists strive to provide an open, safe and flexible approach.  At LifeWorks, we work with persons of all faith traditions, whether they are devout, define themselves as more “spiritual” than “religious,” or are in a period of discernment.

We believe the exploration of spirituality should be:

  • Freeing to the psyche,
  • Nourishing to the soul, and
  • Of practical benefit to everyday life.

In this regard, we practice pastoral counseling in a non-judgmental, life-affirming way, with the belief that each person travels a unique spiritual path that is to be honored and celebrated.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call or email: [email protected]  847-568-1100