Deep River Within

The Deep River WithinBy creating the time and space to go inward, we touch a place of depth, creative energy and power that can nurture us on a daily basis. When we neglect to practice touching base with ourselves, we find ourselves lost, angry, stressed, and overwhelmed. We may think the answer to our problems is to do more, be more, get more. However, the answer is the opposite. It is to slow down, listen to ourselves, take care and nurture that soft, inner voice that easily gets squashed by the daily hustle of our busy lives.

We offer 1-day and 7-week workshops based on Abby Seixas’s book, “Finding the Deep River Within: A Woman’s Guide to Recovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life.” The book and workshops offer six practices to help listen to and act from a more authentic place that leaves one energized, inspired and HAPPY, rather than depleted, stressed and depressed.

The 6 practices include:

  1. Take Time-In
  2. Make Boundaries
  3. Befriend Feelings
  4. Tame Self-Expectations
  5. Practice Presence
  6. Do Something You Love

Please see Abby Seixas’ website for further resources about this topic.

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