Organizational Consulting & Training

Organizational consulting & training can help teams and groups in companies and non-profit organizations address important conflicts, crises and charged issues from new perspectives with compassion, objectivity and creativity.  These team building experiences are often vital for:

  • addressing role & relationship conflicts,
  • developing new organizational accountabilities & capacities,
  • encouraging positive and improved communication, and
  • bringing refreshing energy, new ideas and ways of interacting.

LifeWorks consultants have expertise in a variety areas and can provide tailored services for your organization or company:

  • Conflict Facilitation (for relationships, teams and groups)
  • Working on Conflict in Teams (training for individual leaders, small and large groups)
  • Becoming a Poly-friendly Therapist (training for clinicians)
  • Deep Democracy: Working with Marginalized Populations (training for clinicians)
  • Relating to Differences in Our World (training on multiculturalism and diversity teams and groups)
  • Process-oriented Psychotherapy or Process Work (training for clinicians)

For more info, contact us at 847-568-1100 or [email protected]

Please contact LifeWorks for more information  on any of these services.Email: [email protected]  or call 847-568-1100