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Individual Supervision  is one of the most important means of learning how to be an effective, knowledgeable psychotherapist and supporting oneself as a mature professional who looking to deepen skills, grow and develop personally.  By working with a senior clinician, you have an opportunity to gain a deep comprehension of your clients’ unfolding processes, explore new approaches and an understanding of inner reactions and attitudes that allow for growth in both you and your clients.

For more info about individual supervision at LifeWorks, contact [email protected] or call 847-568-1100.

Developing Your Identity as a Therapist Many clinicians are eager to get into practice and start seeing clients but find that they want or need to further develop their clinical skills, understanding or attitudes in order to become effective, compassionate and confident practitioners.  This group welcomes clinicians who are finding their way as therapists and want a supportive setting to:

  • develop a personal therapeutic style that accesses and utilizes your unique strengths and inner resources in the therapy session
  • practice and embrace helpful attitudes or metaskills
  • explore specific questions, growth edges or challenging situations
  • learn to self-supervise in sessions

In a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, Rami Henrich & Cindy Trawinski provide a learning laboratory for participants to study and collaborate on clinical questions together, learning from one another and clients.

Sessions include both experiential and didactic approaches, using  participants’ questions and clinical experiences and drawing on Process Work (process-oriented psychology) concepts and methods, Imago Relationship techniques and Mindfulness practices.

The group meets Fridays afternoons, in 8 week blocks.

For more info, contact Rami Henrich or Cindy Trawinski at 847-568-1100 or [email protected]

Jungian Supervision Group  Jung’s pivotal perspectives on the human psyche has brought a watershed of insights, theory and technique to psychotherapy, the arts and the media.  This group offers those with a basic understanding of Jung’s work a chance to deepen the application of his theory and methods in their clinical work.

Participants in this group will:

    • Explore and apply Jung’s central concepts and methods for working with individual clients to clinical material
    • Focus on how to formulate a case from a Jungian point of view
    • Delve into the theoretical and experiential aspects of transformation
    • Study key phenomena including complexes, dreams, myths and transference reactions and learn how to work with them in the psychotherapy hour
    • Examine countertransference influences in their work

Pat Cochran, Psy.D., is an Jungian analyst who has been studying and using Jungian approaches in her private practice for over 20 years.  She is a cogent teacher, insightful supervisor, encouraging role model and compassionate traveler on the journey to her own individuation.

This group meets on alternate Fridays from 3 to 4:30 pm.

For more information on Jungian supervision or to set up a time to talk to Pat about joining this group, call 847-568-1100 or email [email protected]

Case Consultation LifeWorks clinicians can provide case consultation regarding the clinical relationship with clients who identify as members of minorities or marginalized groups. Much of our clinical work focuses on transitions, issues and conflicts related to relationships and identities that are marginalized or largely unsupported by society such as LGBTQIAopen relationshipspolyamorykink, etc…  We are knowledgeable about the struggles of religious, spiritual, racial, cultural and ethnic minorities.

We offer an educative, psycho-social point of view on the unique experiences of marginalized individuals and groups and can help clinicians to separate these experience from psychological issues and relationship conflicts their clients may present. Our intention is to bring awareness to the special clinical issues therapists may confront when serving individuals who identify as belonging to a marginalized group and help clinicians to:

  • provide a safe space for these clients to explore unique difficulties they may face
  • learn to recognize the ways that marginalized individuals may feel stigmatized or pathologized by society, family, friends, so-workers, public institutions and community
  • explore personal ideas, feelings thoughts, beliefs and attitudes therapists may hold towards other cultures or groups
  • develop and use the “metaskills,” or feeling attitudes, of  curiosity, beginner’s mind, acceptance, open-mindedness, compassion, exploration and celebration of diversity with their clients
  • seek and apply knowledge and understanding to the unique needs of clients who identify with marginalized groups, cultures, ethnicities, religions or races

For more info, contact us at 847-568-1100 or [email protected]

Organizational Consulting & Training LifeWorks clinicans have expertise in a variety areas and can provide tailored services for your organization or company:

  • Process-oriented Psychotherapy or Process Work (training for clinicians)
  • Conflict Facilitation (for relationships, teams and groups)
  • Becoming a Poly-friendly Therapist (training for clinicians)
  • Transforming Therapist Bias (training for clinicians)
  • Deep Democracy: Working with Marginalized Clients (training for clinicians)
  • Relating to Differences in Our World (training on multiculturalism and diversity teams and groups)

For more info, contact us at 847-568-1100 or [email protected]

Polyamory Information for Clinicians brochure downloadable PDF
Kink Information for Clinicians brochure downloadable PDF

Please contact LifeWorks for more information  on any of these services. Email: [email protected]  or call 847-568-1100