The Green House


A Post-Graduate Psychotherapy Training

Developed & sponsored by LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center is now accepting applications for its 2018 cohort.




– A recent grad or just licensed clinician?

– Looking for distinctive, clinical experience with alternative expressions of sexuality, erotic orientations and/or relationship configurations?

– Want support to develop  your identity as a therapist?

– Looking for long-term psychotherapy experience?

– Wondering how to use yourself (your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, reactions) more effectively in the therapy session?

The Green House may be right for you.



The Green House is a post-graduate psychotherapy training and mentoring program for recent grads, newly licensed clinicians and others who want to develop specific therapeutic skills & cultural competence with clients including those who actively identify as or are exploring sexuality, erotic identity, gender and consensual non-monogamy (CNM) relationship configurations such as LGB, trans and gender queer, non-monogamous (open, swinging, poly affective or polyamorous relationships) and kink/BDSM. Supervision and clinical discussion rest on depth psychotherapy theories and perspectives (including psychodynamic, Jungian and process-oriented models).

  • Develop cultural competence and knowledge related to LGB, trans and gender queer, consensual non-monogamy (CNM) and kink/BDSM
  • Strengthen your identity as therapist and use your unique strengths
  • Deepen your clinical skills from within a depth psychotherapy perspective

The Green House tuition-free, 12-month program provides:

  • Payment for clinical hours
  • an average of 5-6 clinical sessions per week, the equivalent of 240 clinical hours during the program year
  • 40 hours of individual supervision
  • Weekly in-service training topics such as:

Clients, Communities & Cultures: LGB, trans, gender queer, kink & poly
Depth Psychotherapy: The purpose of problems
Therapist Identity Development: Finding your unique strengths
Using Therapist Bias: A lifelong process
Professional & Personal Roles & Boundaries in Small Communities
Psychotherapy with Clients who Identify as Non-normative

During the training year, clinician/participants are expected to:

  • Attend a one day program Kick Off meeting on Sunday, December 3, 9 am – 4 pm.
  • Attend Administrative Training sessions January 7 & 14, 2-4 pm.
  • Hold a steady caseload of 4-6 weekly clients and complete 240 clinical hours.
  • Attend 40 weekly individual supervision sessions.
  • Attend and participate in weekly Green House in-service training (Thursdays, 12 – 2 pm).
  • Attend and participate in monthly cohort learning group (first Thursdays 11-2 pm).
  • Attend and participate in weekly staff in-services meetings (Thursdays 2:30-4:20 pm).
  • Attend and participate in monthly team meetings (first Thursday of each month, 2:30 -4:20 pm).
  • Attend and participate in other relevant learning opportunities within the practice.
  • Invest in learning, growth and development through all aspects of the program.

On average, a commitment of 10 hours per week is expected with some weeks being lighter and some being heavier. During the year, clinician/participants are expected to manage other employment demands and their time effectively and in a proactive manner that enable them to fulfill all requirements of the Green House program.

For more information, download 2018 FAQs.

INFORMATIONAL MEETING, Saturday July 29, 2 – 4 pm

Is the Green House right for you?
We will host an Information Meeting on Saturday, July 29, 2017, at LifeWorks’ Skokie office, to share and answer questions about:

Philosophy of the program
Program elements & expectations
Supervisors, instructors and mentors
Application process

RSVP for the Informational Meeting to [email protected]
NOTE: Applicants unable to attend
this Information Meeting, must speak with Dr. Pat Cochran prior to submitting their application.


  • A license-eligible MA, Psy.D or Ph.D in one of the mental health disciplines
  • A passion for working with LGB, trans, gender queer, non-monogamous and/or kinky clients
  • An interest and commitment to incorporating or deepening the use of  a depth approach to psychotherapy*
  • 2 letters of reference, at least one from a current supervisor of clinical work
  • Fluency in a non-English language a plus, not required
  • Interest in relationship work a plus, not required
  •         Persons of color are encouraged to apply

LifeWorks supports the establishment of diversity, equity and inclusivity in its culture and practice. Applicants of all ages, ethnicities, spiritual practices and religious traditions, genders and sexual orientations, persons of color and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

*Depth psychotherapy (including psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, Jungian or analytical psychology and process-oriented psychology or process work)  is based on two key propositions:  1. that the unknown or less familiar aspects of ourselves often hold the keys to healing; and 2. that the problems or conflicts that bring us into therapy are pointing us towards our own growth and wholeness.


Introductory meeting about the program is Saturday, July 29, 2017.*
Applications (see below) will be accepted until 5:00 pm (CST), September 1, 2017.
Acceptance decisions for Cohort 3 will be announced November 21, 2017.
Program Kick Off Day will be Sunday, December 3, 2017.
Green House Cohort 3 begins January 2, 2018.

Spaces are limited.

NOTE: Applicants unable to attend the Information Meeting, must speak with Dr. Pat Cochran prior to submitting their application.

Download the 2018 Application Form here.

For more information, please contact Pat Cochran, Psy.D. at [email protected]