Therapy & Support Groups

Group facilitation (including therapy and support groups) allows people to come together and learn about themselves in relationship to each other, their community and the world.

In therapy groups, participants use the group context and group process as a mechanism of exploration, healing and change through developing and examining interpersonal relationships in the group. In support groups, participants who share similar issues come together to share coping strategies, to feel more empowered and to find a sense of community.

Group experiences provide learning spaces that can increase our awareness of:

  • our relationship to the larger community and world issues
  • how we experience and resolve conflict
  • how we can get support
  • how we can see others as ourselves

At LifeWorks, clinicians facilitate a variety of groups including:

Polyamory Support Group
Kinksters Discussion Group

Poly/Mono Therapy Group
Stories of Survival — An Art Therapy Group for Trauma Survivors

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