Discovering One’s Own Individuality

Blue orange with orange inside

Miguel Serrano, a Chilean diplomat and writer, developed a friendship with both Jung and Herman Hesse. Serrano met with Jung a few months before his death in 1961, and their conversations are published in the book CG Jung Speaking:   Serrano: I’ve also come to see Herman Hesse. He believes that the right road is simply

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Embracing the Unexpected

Mandala with symbols of people and animals

Nothing but unexpected things kept happening to me. Much might have been different if I myself had been different. But it was as it had to be; for all came about because I am as I am. . . .  I am astonished, disappointed, pleased with myself. I am distressed, depressed, rapturous. I am all these things at once,

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Fluidity and Growth

abstract image, blue fluid movement

My aim is to bring about a psychic state in which my patient begins to experiment with his [or her] own nature, as a state of fluidity, change or growth where nothing is eternally fixed, or hopelessly petrified.” What an interesting approach: experimenting with one’s own nature.  I think most of us would consider our

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Understanding Your Dreams: Doorways to the Self

dream catcher

This post was originally published in Psychology Today. I have been simply, truly, and totally amazed by dreams for the past 40 years. In 1992, it led me to study with Jungian analyst, Dr. Arnold Mindell, which meant leaving my career as a management consultant, moving across the country, and studying full time for over five

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One of our readers was inspired to send us the poem below, Unconditional, by Jennifer Welwood. Her website offers an insight into her work, “Jennifer was propelled onto the spiritual path at the age of 15 by the sudden and unexpected death of a close friend, which catalyzed a profound recognition of impermanence and a yearning

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Getting Unstuck

rose stuck in thorns

We all get “stuck” from time to time.  Caught in a position or point view that may seem, reasonably or even unreasonably, the only possibility, we can’t find a other way.  Could it be that what we are actually stuck in is the belief that our ordinary way of seeing ourselves is the only way? I

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Fear of Change

flowers covered in frost

When the spring bud awakens from its long wintery sleep, is it afraid to push through frozen ground and face the frosty day?  Change is constant and yet most of us are adept at convincing ourselves of the constancy of certain familiars. Becoming aware of nature and its ever-changingness can help us move with our

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We Are One

united hands

Recently, as a way to express his gratitude for deep and vulnerable sharing in a group, a friend of mine spoke these words, in the Lakota language “Mitakuye Oyasin,” meaning “we are all related,” or similarly understood as “we are one.” The effect it had on me was visceral and profound. As I had been

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Becoming Self-ish

rocks stacked together

Who am I underneath my social role?  Am I the set of expectations from my parents and community? Or am I the response to demands to express certain values that are highly-prized in our culture?  Who am I different and apart from the collective instincts and behaviors that are universal to every human? These are

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Ellen De Generes Said It

You got this in chalk

“All of us, whether we are in this business or not, have little voices that tell us we’re not good enough, and we don’t deserve it.” Ellen De Generes Yes, that Ellen!  The one who is about to host the Oscars, who has an award-winning, wildly popular daytime talk show, a lovely marriage and a

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Experimenting, Fluidity & Growth

colorful pastel painting by Rami Henrich. snakes

“My aim is to bring about a psychic state in which my patient begins to experiment with his [or her] own nature, as a state of fluidity, change or growth where nothing is eternally fixed, or hopelessly petrified.” C.G. Jung What an interesting approach: experimenting with one’s own nature! Most of us would consider our

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Wonder with Grace and Desire

hand holding glass ball at sunrise

Happy New Year to you all! January honors the Roman god Janus, often depicted over doorways and arches as a two-headed figure who can look into both the past and future, and who the ancient Romans believed initiated time.  He was so revered that the first festival of the year, the Agonium, was held in

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Truth by Way of Error

flashlight in the dark

“Carry through your life as well as you can, even if it is based on error, because life has to be undone, and one often gets to the truth through error. . . .  So, be human, seek understanding, seek insight, and make your hypothesis, your philosophy of life.  Then we may recognize the Spirit

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Radical Wholeness in Depth Psychotherapy

colorful abstract painting

As Fall begins, many people find themselves considering therapy as the vacations and other sunny distractions are over and the pressing concerns they thought they had left behind in the Spring begin to re-emerge. From those who have not been in therapy before, I sometimes hear a fear of what they might “find,” implying that

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A Personal Secret

finger to lips

“Nothing makes people more lonely, and more cut off from the fellowship of others, than the possession of an anxiously hidden and jealously guarded personal secret. Very often it is “sinful” thoughts and deeds that keep them apart and estrange them from one another. . . . The tremendous feeling of relief which usually follows

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one flower growing before others

“Individuation, therefore, can only mean a process of psychological development that fulfills the individual qualities given; in other words, it is a process by which a man becomes the definite, unique being he in fact is.  In so doing he does not become “selfish” in the ordinary sense of the word, but is merely fulfilling

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