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October Topic

First Moments

October 7, 202310am to 12pm RSVP

Last month our conversation was about relationships ending. This month, we thought it might be interesting to talk about beginnings or first moments in relationships. Often, there can be something very telling about our first moments of meeting and connecting with significant others. What have you noticed about the first moments in your relationships? Are […] Read more “First Moments”

July Topic

Decolonizing Kink: Colonial Pathologies and Clinical Practice

Presented by Adria Kurchina-Tyson, PhD candidateJuly 7, 20236:00-8:00 PM Register

In Decolonizing Kink, Adria Kurchina-Tyson will discuss the structural, colonial nature of compulsory vanilla relationships/sexuality and demonstrate the “coloniality” of kink-phobia, reviewing the fundamental differences between Indigenous frameworks of desire/relation and those of the settler state. Kurchina-Tyson invites us to work together in this workshop to challenge racial-sexual pathologies in clinical knowledge, resist prescriptive frameworks of consent […] Read more “Decolonizing Kink: Colonial Pathologies and Clinical Practice”

April Topic

Getting Your Kinks In: Neurodiversity And BDSM

Presented by Stephen Ratcliff, MA, LPCC, LPC, NCC, CST, Eve MinaxApril 14, 20236:00-8:00 PM Register

Kink and in particular its Professionals can create a container that can often lead the client to healing wounds inflicted by neurotypical society and leading to deeper self-actualization. Much of these experiences are beginning to be explained in emerging kink academic and scientific literature. A major area of neglect in this literature has been on […] Read more “Getting Your Kinks In: Neurodiversity And BDSM”