August Topic

Relational Hierarchy In The Time of COVID:19

August 1, 2020 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Relational Hierarchy In The Time of COVID:

“Generally, one of the main ways that poly folks sustain secondary or non-cohabitational partnerships is by visiting each other for dates, either out in public or in one of their homes. Being unable to visit a secondary/non-cohabitational partner can leave the relationship feeling more distant and can feel especially vulnerable for a person who does not have a primary partner and is sheltering alone. Living alone can be a joyous, fulfilling, and relaxing experience when it is a choice, but it can become painfully lonely when it is enforced for an extended time.

Being allowed to visit or not comes laden with hierarchical potential. Who is interpreted as important enough to visit? Who has the clout to forbid others to visit? What happens if someone visits impulsively and another partner feels upset over a perceived boundary violation? What if one person thinks it is time to end quarantine and another feels the risk is too high? Or is using the risk as an excuse to manipulate their partner to go without seeing someone else?”

Our topic in August: how is relational hierarchy impacting you during COVID19? The quote above is from a blog post on this topic by Elizabeth Sheff, Ph.D. Please join us to discuss the article and share your experiences in community.


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