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June Topic

Breaking Free of a Mono-normative Narrative

June 5, 2021 10:00am to 12:00pmFree

Is it possible? Is it necessary? As much as we are taking both internal and external territory with regard to shifting a mono- normative narrative, still throwing off the shackles of early, persistent, conditioned thinking is difficult to do. Examples of normative thinking consist of: an idea that it is best to keep things the same; thinking that it is wrong, inherently immoral to live outside of prescribed heteronormative relationships; cultures, schools, government, churches and other religious organizations that hold on to the values of mono-normativity etc. Those who identify as polyamorous may be limited in some ways in our relationships, in our worlds due to residual internal admonitions against polyamory.

Can we truly be free of mono-normative thinking? Might there be anything useful about mono-normative thinking?

Let’s reflect and discuss together.