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August Topic

Can Compersion and Jealousy Co-exist?

August 6, 2022 10:00am to 12:00pmFree
Last week at our KPACT(Kink and Polyam Chicago Therapists) networking meeting, a researcher presented on their work in the area of compersion. I found many interesting ideas to inquire into more deeply.  One community myth that was mentioned is the idea that if you are a “good polyamorist” you aren’t jealous. Instead experience joy, compassion, empathy in regard to your partners’ metamour(s). 
Hmmm, is that truth? Or could it be just an unrealistic expectation, like others that have grown out of the culture of monogamy. How about we discuss some expectations you have for yourself around compersion, or other expectations about what it means to be a “good polyamorist.”
*Just so you won’t be surprised, I want to let you know that Cindy will not be present at the August group. I look forward to spending a couple of hours with you, as always.