February Topic

Coming Out — Surprising Moments

February 4, 2023 10:00am to 12:00pmFree

Coming out can be a big process for polyamorous folx.  Reactions to sharing our identities and partnership choices can be unexpected. Sometimes people surprise us. For example, a conservative friend was like “Wow that really shows you that we all love in our own ways,” while some of my liberal friends had reacted skeptically, “I could never do that,” “that doesn’t seem reasonable long-term,” “you’ll stop when things get more serious, right?” etc.

How have you been surprised when sharing your polyamorous identity? What does that surprise say about how you see and experience others? What did you learn about how people relate to you? How have you used that experience to move forward? Were you hardened or were you healed?

Hope you will join us and bring your experiences and reflections.  Look forward to seeing you soon.