A group of people around a fire, time-lapse people coming and going
June Topic

Ebb & Flow with Metamours

June 1, 2024 10:00am to 12:00pm CST RSVP

Last month we touched on some of the feelings and anxieties that can be connected with meeting your partner’s partner(s). I have been thinking about the uncertainties that come when we meet and when we separate from metamours. These relationships hold the promise of enriching our lives and expanding our sense of belonging, family or tribe. But, they also come with risks; conflict, jealousy, and loss, to name a few.

We transition, evolve, ebb and flow in and out of these connections. Sometimes the coming and going is casual, unintentional or unremarkable. Sometimes the start or end of a relationship is heralded by unusual, uncanny or exceptionally complicated and sometimes painful events.

What’s your experience? What do you worry or wonder about when first getting to know metamours?  Maybe there is one big recurring anxiety that grips you each time there is someone new to meet and get to know?  What kinds of situations or feelings have you found most troubling when your relationship or your partner’s relationship to a metamour changes or ends?

We look forward to being with you for conversation and community.