Stormy sky over a quiet beach

Staff Favorites is a monthly installation for 2019 featuring the mental health and self-care picks of our very own LifeWorkers. 2019 will highlight books, self-soothing items, blogs/instagrams, places to move your body around Chicago, and more personally endorsed by LifeWorks staff. We look forward to sharing our favorites with you!

This month, LifeWorkers are sharing their favorite ways to fuel up, or restore their emotional gas tank. We would love to hear about yours in the comments section!

Cindy Trawinski:

Go to Gilson Park and sit on the beach.
Walk in the woods.
Cozy up with a cup of tea and a good book. Just read A Gentleman in Moscowand All the Light We Can Not See. Both wonderful!
Paint outdoors.
Paint indoors.
Make something — I am fond of stick sculptures.
Engage with creative people.



Bridgid O’Connell:

Listening to vinyl.
Drinking espresso.
Walking my boxer.
Deep conversation with friends.
Riding my motorcycle at night, while the streets are empty.
Listening to trains pass in the night.
Capturing photographic images in passing.
Breathing the air of the city at night when everyone else is sleeping.
Making a stranger smile.


Betsy Duke:

Honestly, this might be overdone but it’s my simple recipe for re-fueling. Combine the following, follow your internal timer and enjoy. Serves 1!

Soft, loose fitting clothing.
A blanket (or three).
Couch, floor, comfy chair or bed.
Dimmed light and/or/closed blinds.
Some kind of streaming show that is both:
close enough to what’s draining me that I can work with it,
far enough from what’s draining me that it doesn’t set off all my defenses.

Rami Henrich:

Spaghetti (best is mac and cheese) but all pasta iterations are welcome.
Doughnuts! Preference for cake doughnuts with coconut and vanilla frosting!
Listening to 70’s dance music dancing as I walk, letting it dance me.
Long walks as much as possible, in nature especially cold weather.
Listen to chanting from India and meditating.

Cassandra Damm:

Snuggling with a pet or person.
Drawing or coloring.
Keeping a routine: good sleep, good activity levels, good diet.
Bubble bath.