Art Therapy

img_4002Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy that uses visual art materials and creative expression as a means to:

  • reduce anxiety,
  • increase positive self-esteem,
  • explore emotional experiences,
  • process trauma, and
  • build trust between client and therapist.

Art therapy can be useful for children, adolescents and adults. It can even be used in relationship counseling. It is especially helpful in the treatment of trauma because of the way that traumatic memory is stored in the body.  Trauma memories are often sensory rather than verbal in nature. By engaging our hands and bodies in a creative process, art therapy uses movement, sensation, color, sound, form and texture.  This process allows access to memories and feelings that might otherwise be difficult to bring to awareness.

img_3998-2At LifeWorks, a wide range of media and artistic processes may be used in art therapy, including but not limited to collage, book-making, painting, drawing, knitting, sewing, embroidery, photography, doll-making, sculpting, and building.  Different materials may be used, including everything from sticks and rocks to wax and beads to paint and clay.

LifeWorks also offers Group Therapy for trauma survivors.

For more information see: 
Stories of Survival — An Art Therapy Group for those Impacted by Trauma

If you are interested in learning about how art therapy can help you, please call 847-568-1100 to learn more.

For more information about art therapy, please visit the American Art Therapy Association .

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