Post-doctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology

LifeWorks is seeking a Post-doctoral Psychologist to join our team.

Join a dynamic group of therapists that provides sex-positive, depth therapy for LifeWork’s community of queer, polyam, and kinky clients.

Clinicians build and maintain a full caseload of clients and get access to engaging training opportunities provided by the practice.

This is an ideal position for someone looking to deepen and hone their clinical skills, work with clients in LW populations, find their identity as a therapist, and join a vibrant group of clinicians who are highly engaged in their work and the world around them.

Successful applicants will have completed their doctoral degree, be license eligible and have 3+ years of clinical experience in individual adult psychotherapy — couples/relationship therapy experience desirable. You should have experience working with LGBTQIA+ and kink/BDSM; clients in alternative relationships (open relationships, polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy); and/or those identifying as BIPOC, religious and/or cultural minorities.

Ideal candidates for this position will:

  • Doctoral coursework in human development and sexuality, psychodynamic theory, existential theory, humanistic psychology, or process-oriented psychology
  • Successfully completed diagnostic and therapy practice,
  • An ability to write a cohesive case formulation, frame clinical issues and questions, and apply a depth psychotherapy lens to their work,
  • Enthusiasm for dialogue around equity issues, and ability to utilize anti-racist and anti-oppressive framework,
  • Willingness and ability to utilize supervision effectively, identifying growth goals, bringing cogent clinical issues, reflect on and explore new perspectives, make use of input and report back on impact,
  • An ability to comply with administrative procedures in a timely and efficient manner, i.e. reviews and responds to email within 24 hours, collects fees in a timely way, submits internal paperwork accurately and on time,
  • Basic computer skills and ability to use Share Point, Outlook email and calendar as well as online account management systems,
  • Have experience working with some populations LifeWorks serves including: LGBTQIA+ and kink/BDSM; clients in alternative relationships (open relationships, polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy); sex workers; and/or those identifying as religious, cultural and/or racial minorities,
  • Have an interest in working from a depth psychology* perspective, · Align with LifeWorks values,
  • Be able to carry a caseload of 25-30 and complete 22-25 DOS/week
  • Be available to work evenings and at least 2 days/week in Skokie**.

*Depth psychotherapy (including psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, Jungian or analytical psychology and process-oriented psychology or process work) is based on two key propositions: 1. that the unknown or less familiar aspects of ourselves often hold the keys to healing; and 2. that the problems or conflicts that bring us into therapy are pointing us towards our own growth and wholeness.

**We are primarily offering telehealth with a limited number of in-person sessions.

To be considered for this position:

Cover Letter: Please Address the First Question Below and Any 2 of the Remaining in Your Cover Letter.

  1. (Required) What draws you to consider the LifeWorks Post-doctoral Fellowship?
  2. Name one or two specific learnings you have gained, in terms of your clinical understanding and experience, from your own depth/psychodynamic/long-term personal therapy experience?
  3. What interests you about working with marginalized clients? What has your experience (clinical or otherwise) been with these populations?
  4. What specific goals might you have for your learning experience in the LifeWorks post-doc training program?
  5. What do you imagine the future impact of this program might be for you?

Additional Information: Please also include or address the following questions.

  • Describe your therapeutic style.
  • LifeWorks strives to be inclusive, sex-positive and to embrace an attitude of deep democracy. How do these concepts relate to your attitudes, clinical approach and work?
  • What clinical experience and training working with the LGBTQIA+, kink and non-monogamous communities do you have?
  • What cultural competencies do bring?
  • What other areas of expertise and training do you bring?
  • What makes you a good fit for LifeWorks?
  • What unique contribution can you make to our team?

All applications will be promptly reviewed, and a phone interview will be scheduled if the applicant’s submission meets the program requirements. An in-person interview may be scheduled to learn more about the candidate’s learning and training experiences, case formulation and clinical skills.


  • Competitive compensation
  • W-2 status and associated tax benefits
  • Profit sharing plan
  • Option to join 401(k)
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Group consultation and/or individual supervision
  • CEs thru weekly in-services
  • LifeWorks clinician events (i.e. KPACT), workshops & annual retreat
  • Full-time bookkeeper and insurance specialist
  • No non-compete clause to keep you from moving on
  • Unique professional development & learning culture
  • Vacation days grow with your dates of service

Apply Now

Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to grasp and apply depth psychotherapy perspectives,
  • Interest and cultural sensitivity to marginalized populations, Alignment to LifeWorks values, Capacity to respond professionally, in a timely, accurate and organized manner throughout the application and selection process, and
  • Consideration of the applicant’s potential contribution to LifeWorks culture and mission.

Candidates will be contacted by email and notified of their application status as quickly as possible.

At LifeWorks we recognize that the traditional cover letter requirements have roots in and prioritize a white academic version of the written word. In an effort to see our candidates in their best light, we invite you to submit an expression of interest, which can take any form that best illustrates the reasons you’re applying for this position. Examples can include artwork, photos of crafts/handiwork/quilts, choreography, videos of dance or movement, musical or spoken word recordings, poetry, or recipes.

If you do choose to submit something other than a cover letter, please also include a least one paragraph describing your interest in working at LifeWorks specifically.

LifeWorks supports the establishment of diversity, equity and inclusivity in its culture and practice. Applicants of all ages, ethnicities, spiritual practices and religious traditions, genders and sexual orientations, black and indigenous people, persons of color and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply.