Power: A User's Guide by Julie Diamond, PhD

We are excited and pleased to announce that our friend and colleague, Julie Diamond, Ph.D., has a new book out — Power: A User’s Guide.

Power corrupts. The question is: how? What are the traps of power and how we can avoid falling into them?

From bosses to parents, politicians to protesters, power rests in the hands of everyone, everywhere. But using it well is more than a matter of good intentions.  Power may corrupt, but using it well is within our grasp.

The path toward ethical, authentic, and effective use of power starts with this book. Combining cutting-edge psychological theory with practical exercises, real-world accounts of leadership challenges, and the personal stories from Julie’s international career as a facilitator and coach, Power: A User’s Guide aims to provide readers with an easy-to-read, comprehensive crash course in developing one’s external authority, navigating high power roles and responsibilities, and finding personal power within.

To read an excerpt from Power: A User’s Guideclick here.

About Julie Diamond, Ph.D.
For 30 years, Julie Diamond, Ph.D.  has worked around the world in the field of human and organizational change, helping individuals and organizations create cultures of learning and growth. Her clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to law enforcement agencies to nonprofits, and include leaders from organizations such as Nike, Intel, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Macedonian Trade Union, and Greenpeace.

In addition to her work as a facilitator and writer, Julie is a co-founder of the Power² Leaderlab, a training program for women leaders. She is also one of the original founders of the Process Work Institute (PWI), a not-for-profit graduate school dedicated to research and training in process-oriented facilitation. She has co-authored a textbook on Process Work, A Path Made by Walking, as well as many articles on Process Work, learning and change.

Julie lives in Portland, Oregon.