Resources and Information for Change of Name Services

UIC School of Law pro bono trans legal services brochure and name change checklist

Transformative Justice Law Project (TJLP) pro bono name change mobilization intake sheet

For Cook County, IL, Change of Name Proceedings information and requirements

At a high level:
• The form “Petition for Change of Name” gets filed with the County Clerk
• The hearing is scheduled
• The petitioner runs their legal/dead name in the newspaper for 3 consecutive weeks
• The hearing is held and judgment conferred

For instance, If using TJLP: TJLP will set up a brief meeting with the petitioner to go over
paperwork and help set up an account with the court record system. TJLP organizes and puts the
petitioner in touch with those who will help to set-up running the petitioner’s name in the
newspaper. TJLP gets the petition and associated paperwork ready and the petitioner signs and sends
it back to TJLP who then files it and communicates back the hearing date.

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