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LifeWorks clinical staff is an interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists who are also respected and published authors and researchers. Here is a sampling of the work they have contributed to the field including research, videos, awards, guides, books and journal articles.

Current Staff

Arielle Zimmerman, LSW

Research and Publications

Selected Work

Co-author: “Dimensions of sexual orientation and rates of intimate partner violence among young sexual minority individuals assigned female at birth: The role of perceived partner jealousy”, View article in the National Library of Medicine.

Bisexual people are often stereotyped as being untrustworthy and greedy in their intimate partnerships. These stereotypes may spark jealousy and conflict in these partnerships. This project examined the associations between dimensions of sexual orientation, perceived jealousy of one’s partner, and experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV) experiences of bisexual, queer, and pansexual folks who were assigned female at birth (AFAB). Authors: Dyar, C., Feinstein, B.A., Zimmerman, A., Newcomb, M.E., Mustanski, B., & Whitton, S.W. (2019). Published in final, edited form as Psychology of Violence (July 2020).

Co-author: “Non Monosexual Stress and Dimensions of Health: Within-Group Variation by Sexual, Gender, and Racial/Ethnic Identities,”

There is ample research devoted to the unique health outcomes of those that are non-monosexual or attracted to more than one gender. This group is often faces erasure, stigma, and consequently, higher levels of health concerns such as depression and anxiety. This article examined the stigma experiences of non-monosexual AFAB folks as a whole. It also looked at how stigma and health outcomes differed by various groups (bisexual, queer, and pansexual). Authors: Dyar, C., Feinstein, B.A., Stephens, J., Zimmerman, A., Newcomb, M., & Whitton, S.W. (2019).

Cate Morrow, AMFT
Psychotherapist (2021-present)

Research and Publications

Selected Work

Co-author: Pre-Cohabitation Conversations for Relationships: Recommended Questions for Discussion – Moving in together is an important transition in a relationship.

This article presents discussion questions for partners to explore prior to moving in together, with a focus on three categories: relationship negotiations, household rules, and communication. In response to the majority of cohabitation literature focusing on white, hetero, and monogamous relationships, special consideration is given to the topics of race and culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationship structure. These conversation questions can be used both by therapists with their clients, as well as for direct use by partners in a relationship.

Cindy Trawinski, Psy.D, Dipl.PW
Co-founder & Clinical Psychologist (2012-present)

Video Production

Using Awareness in the Creative Process, Trawinski, C. (2011)

Using Awareness in the Creative Process, Trawinski, C. (2011)
How do we create? What is the artist, child or inventor doing in the moments of creation? How do we recognize, know and follow our experience in such a way that something new is created or discovered?

In this 17 minute video, Cindy Trawinski demonstrates the experiential painting process developed by Michele Cassou, and attempts to “meta communicate” about her experience — that is, while painting, to report on her sentient awareness, of the interaction with the paint, the painting as well as subtle inner sensations and fleeting associations she has. In the last minutes of the video, she uses a form of inner work developed by Arnold Mindell to unfold her perceptions and associations to an element of the painting.

An unpublished thesis on the study of creative process including the video research are linked below:

Research and Publications

Selected Work

Hayat Nadar, Psy.D.
Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor (2020-present)

Awards and Recognition


Dr. Nadar’s research was selected as a winner of the prestigious award, National Louis University 2022 Outstanding Dissertation Award in the category of Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Research and Publications

Selected Work

Author: Exploration of the Link Between Migration and Acculturation Related-Stress, Attachment Style, and Psychological Distress in Arab Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylees focused on the relationship between diaspora and attachment style in refugees and asylees. Dr. Nadar’s impactful research has garnered attention and accolades and is making significant change possible worldwide.

Lead Researcher: Arab Perceptions of the West (PDF), this report (2006) is the result of a study commissioned by The Kuwaiti Ministry of Islamic and Cultural Affairs, with the guidance of Ameen PR, a leading Kuwaiti media and communications firm. It was later published as book by the same title.

Rami Henrich, LCSW, Dipl. PW
Co-founder, Supervisor & Psychotherapist (2012-present)

Research and Publications

Former Staff

Elizabeth Duke, therapist photo

Elizabeth Duke, Psy.D.
Clinical Director (2019-2022)
Clinical Psychologist & Supervisor (2015-2019)

Research and Publications

Selected Work

Green House Fellows

Courtney Remacle

Courtney Remacle, LSW
Green House Fellow, Cohort 7 (2022)

Research and Publications

Selected Work

Co-author: Expanding the Circle of Care

An implementation guide for harm reduction and syringe access services in rural and tribal communities, based on the work of Gwayakobimaadiziwin Needle Exchange Program, in northern Wisconsin. This may be the only harm reduction guide in existence that is specific to working with rural and indigenous communities and written by community members rather than state/county health departments or NPOs. You can learn more about the program at:

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