We are very happy to introduce Ari Groner, LCSW. Ari joined the Green House Fellowship program in January of this year. Ari has considerable experience working with the LGBTQIA+ community and is a welcome addition to this years cohort. We talked to Ari about her decision to join the Green House and what it means for her.

How did you learn about the Green House?

Essie Shachar-Hill sent an email asking me to pass it along to anyone I knew.

What drew you to the Green House?

Everything! Especially being able to have a deeper training experience with a practice that shares my values and works with marginalized communities that I am interested in/passionate about.

In the short amount of time, since you joined the Green House, what has surprised you most and why? Anything else professionally that you are particularly looking forward to this year?

The level of organization and attention to detail because I have not seen that before, especially for a program that is relatively new. And I am really excited to being surrounded by many queer and queer knowledgeable folks!

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