We are very happy to introduce Karina Meza, MA. Karina who joined the Green House in January of this year. We recently spoke to Karina about her decision to join the Green House and what it meant for her.

How did you learn about the Green House?

I learned about the Green house program from my grad school program towards the end of my internship from CSPP’s field placement office. I was curious to learn more and signed up for an info session last summer.

What drew you to the Green House?

For me, it was important to find a post-grad program that was able to provide support as I develop myself as a new clinician. Everything that I have done thus far has been academic and by the book. I am looking to find my own personal preferences and approach as a therapist. My goal is present to my client in the most genuine and honest way I can in order to allow them to do so as well.

What are you hoping to gain by being in the Green House and how do you imagine it will impact your future?

My hope is to strengthen my skills as a clinician and to explore my unconscious and conscious biases. The learning and experience I would gain from other LifeWorks and Green House clinicians who are doing this work, would help me find my confidence, develop my skills, and use a holistic approach in my practice.

This program will give me the experience, professional and personal development to one day open my own practice in my mother land, Mexico where I can provide services to marginalized individuals who are exploring their lives in order to live their most authentic life.

In the short amount of time, since you joined the Green House, what has surprised you most and why?

Once I got access to my LifeWorks email, I was pleasantly surprised of the amount of collaboration and support everyone shares with each other. I am usually the one reaching out and sharing with others in my place of work, and it is awesome that this seems to be a norm. The way that resources and referrals are shared is so great to see. Even though I’ve only met staff virtually, everyone’s authenticity comes through. I can see the team is here to support me and my Green House cohort and I am excited to be part of this. Love the teamwork that is evident just reading the emails. My hope is to get to meet everyone and feel this connection in person some time in 2022.

Anything else professionally that you are particularly looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to grow my skills and use my strengths as a therapist to provide the best services to the clients. Additionally, I am looking forward to learning more about art therapy and how to use my creativity in my practice.