KPACT – Kink and Polyamory Aware Chicago Therapists

This online group, KPACT, established in 2014, is open to kink & polyamory aware psychotherapists and is intended to be a vehicle for building a professional community, networking and discussion purposes. Live, in-person KPACT events, hosted several times each year, offer clinicians an opportunity to network, dialogue and learn together.

Examples of how this professional string might be used include:

  • To introduce yourself or your practice
  • To find appropriate polyamory & kink aware therapists for clients you may want to refer out
  • To request resources or information relevant to the issues and concerns of clients in polyamory & kink communities
  • To announce relevant professional trainings or events
  • To discuss professional or ethical issues related to the treatment of kink and polyamorous identified clients

The Kink and Polyamory Aware Chicago Therapist (KPACT) group welcomes clinicians seeking to deepen their understanding of issues confronting individuals who identify as or are exploring kink and non-monogamy. Learn more at

The membership of this string is by invitation only. Please contact or call 847-568-1100.

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