Benji Marton, LSW

Personal pronouns: he, him, his.

Regardless of your current identification, be it monogamous, non-monogamous, kink/BDSM, and/or LGBTQIA+, I am interested in the journey of exploration and mastery that is therapy.  I recognize that every person has a unique story, and an inimitable set of circumstance, both within and beyond their control, that has shaped them. Sometimes those circumstances can create scars that leave us feeling uncomfortable; sometimes, we fear the past will dominate our future because we haven’t yet learned how to integrate it into our present.

In therapy, I believe in the value of telling of your story from a non-judgmental and curious lens. You, and only you, are the expert in your story. In this way, therapy is like a journey in which therapist and client experience together, through a non-hierarchical relationship that focuses not on rescue but on mutual respect, empathy, and empowerment.

Telling your story is the greatest gift you can give someone, and it is not always easy. Our stories are filled with joy, but there is also pain: pain inflicted by others and by oneself. Sometimes to tell our stories, we need mindfulness, play, art, and/or music. These techniques can create an emotional comfort by fostering physiological comfort. These activities can also strengthen one of the most important aspect of therapy: the relationship between therapist and client. To quote Dr. Bruce Perry, a renowned child psychologist and author of The Boy Who Was Raised a Dog, “Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love.”

With an appreciation for your individual story, I try to build an affirming space that recognizes the natural fluidity of human gender and sexuality.  I welcome your call, be it out of curiosity, interest, or the desire for support. Feel free to reach out to me at 847-568-1100.

Education & Professional Memberships

Benjamin (Benji) Marton, LSW is a licensed social worker, and a phase-1 certified Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) practitioner. He holds a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in mental health and interprofessional practice with at-risk youth. Benji studied Fiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago, which helped shape his passion for storytelling and his emphasis on empowering the marginalized to tell their stories.

Benji has trained at the following institutions and organizations:

Loyola University, Chicago, IL

Columbia College, Chicago, IL

Loyola University Community and Family Services, Chicago, IL

StreetWise, Inc., and The Night Ministry, Chicago, IL

ONE Northside, Chicago, IL

The Ali Forney Center, New York City, NY


Benji is a member of the following organizations:

International Association of Social Work with Groups (IASWG)

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