Cassandra Damm, LCSW

Personal pronouns: she, her, hers or they, them, theirs.


I work with people who identify as LGBTQ as well as those who are in the kink, polyamory/consensual non-monogamy and sex work communities.  I value and respect the individual complexity and difference that people in these and other marginalized communities bring to their lives and relationships.

I seek to guide people in their journey of wellness with warmth and authenticity. I believe in the transformative power of relationships and unconditional positive regard. I am grateful for the openness and trust you may bring to the process of therapy and hope to help you find opportunities for growth, change, and acceptance.

I have worked with people experiencing emotional dysregulation, depression and other affective disorders, addiction, anxiety, trauma, and people who hear voices. I also work with people living with chronic medical conditions including diabetes and HIV.  I have a specialized training in an approach to healing from trauma called EMDR (eye movement desensitization and re-processing), which uses eye movements, bilateral stimulation and memory network mapping to resolve symptoms associated with PTSD and complex trauma.

My approach is informed by gender studies, feminist thought, and queer theories which seek to challenge traditional paradigms around gender and sexuality.  I also try to build mind/body connections and awareness through the use of mindfulness and behavior change to improve mental health.

I currently co-facilitate a monthly Sex Worker Support Group, co-sponsored by the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) – Chicago, and Lifeworks.

education & professional memberships

Cassandra Damm, LCSW is a graduate of Loyola University and a former board member of SWOP-Chicago.  Its aim is to build and create communities to improve the lives of sex workers in the greater Chicagoland area. She also served for 4 years on a diversity committee at Thresholds providing mental health trainings on LGBTQ and related issues.

Cassandra has trained at the following institutions:

Loyola University Chicago, Social Work and Gender Studies
Grinnell College, Psychology

Cassandra is a member of the following professional groups:

National Association of Social Workers NASW
Kink and Poly Aware Therapists KPACT
Sex Worker Support Project SWOP – Chicago, Board member

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