Essie Shachar-Hill, LSW

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Pronouns: they, them, theirs

My focus is working with LGBTQ adults and adolescents, including trans, non-binary, and gender-questioning folks, as well as people from marginalized religious communities.

I believe you are the expert in your own experience, and there is so much to learn and uncover when it comes to understanding one’s thoughts and emotions.  I often look for the strengths clients bring — both those that are known to you and those that are less known.  It is my sincere wish to bring an attitude of openness and non-judgement that  you can experience as safe and supportive as you explore your inner and outer worlds.

I understand that no one exists in a vacuum, and that experiences like trauma and oppression due to race, class, religion, ability, sexuality, relationship configuration and other factors can have a profound impact on you and the communities you live in.  I strive to help people in the process of gaining deeper understanding of emotional and behavioral patterns as the complex outcome of their social environment, personal identities and unique experiences.

I feel honored to accompany clients in this journey to greater self-understanding and a greater sense of connection to self and others.

If you have ever felt “un-understandable”, I can help you to feel seen, held, and supported as you navigate your inner and outer worlds. I look forward to working with you!

Education & Professional Memberships

Essie Shachar-Hill, MSW, holds a masters in social work from the University of Michigan. They work from an anti-oppression framework and relational approach.  They also hold a Certificate in Jewish Communal Leadership and have worked for many years in the Jewish community. Essie’s past work has focused on advocating for LGBTQ equality in Jewish life through education and training. They run support groups, both in-person and online, including a group for transgender, non-binary, and gender-questioning teens.

Essie has trained at the following institutions:

University of Michigan School of Social Work

University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Essie, is a member of the following organizations:

Kink & Poly Aware Chicago Therapists (KPACT)

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