Hayat Nadar

Hayat Nadar, Psy.D., DEI Director

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I have a special interest in working with people who are exploring new cultures including immigrants. Many clients with whom I have worked have been impacted by relational trauma and/or systemic oppression in a world fraught with privilege and marginalization.

Often, psychological distress arises in the process of negotiating identities and interactions with the cultures in the world around us. Therapy is a place to explore the intersections of identities and comb through any unprocessed tensions related to gender, race/ethnicity, immigration status, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

I have found that our journeys generally boil down to understanding who we are and our everchanging place in this world. I believe the exploration of conscious and unconscious values and identity scripts can lead to a state of congruence. I recognize that relationships play a critical role in shaping the quality of daily experience. I can help you uncover and understand patterns appearing in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may keep you from a sense of agency and choice in your way of being in the world you encounter.

I have worked in various settings including private practice, community mental health, assisted living facilities, and inpatient facilities. I have experience with clients experiencing symptoms related to complex relational trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, process addictions (like substance, eating disorders, gambling, etc…), personality disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and neurodiversity (including ADHD and autism spectrum disorders).

I would be honored to embark on a consciousness-raising journey with you, exploring your self-states and helping you to free up any galvanized energy, so you can live, love and work more fully.

Professional Experience

Hayat Nadar, MA, PsyD., holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from The Illinois School of Professional Psychology at National Louis University.  Her research focus entailed trauma, immigration, racism, acculturative stress and attachment styles.  She also earned a master’s degree in the mass communications and media studies from San Diego State University, where she focused on how the unexamined language of the dominant culture can shape, and at times, restrict a person’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions as it relates to the trap of the virgin-whore dichotomy.  Dr. Nadar received her bachelor’s degree in organizational communication and natural science from The University of Michigan where her work on multiculturalism and personal development through the lens of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey.    


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