Zac Palmer, LMFT

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  • Specialties: Family Therapy, Identity Development, Individual Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Spirituality / Religious Counseling
  • Languages: English

I specialize in parent-child, couple, polyamorous/non monogamous, and sibling relationships.  Parenting concerns, communication problems, relationship conflicts, separations, family-of-origin issues, death and loss, or belonging are challenges many of us may encounter. Whether you are wanting help on relating better to yourself, your family of origin, your chosen family, or your community, I want to offer you space and permission to explore what is meaningful to you.

I also have a deep interest in working with clients who have experienced childhood trauma, spiritual/religious trauma, and trauma due to systemic oppression.

I am a strength-based and trauma-informed practitioner who believes that our actions come from unique strategies used to meet our needs. So often, we are wrapped up in harmful stories about ourselves, others, and the world that we get stuck in patterns of relating that may be harmful to ourselves or others. Because of this, I encourage practicing self-compassion.

I hope to mindfully approach and practice new ways of relating as we unravel influential narratives that may be keeping you from self-love and intimacy. Learning to embody new narratives that embrace your strengths can lead to healing and even flourishing. I often find that a focus on self-esteem, mindfulness, embodiment, and/or identity formation can support your next steps.

The journey ahead may require courage, creativity and risk; but I believe you already have the skills and capacities within to you to get through and grow from the challenges you may face! Working together, I hope you come to know that you are not in this alone.

I look forward to learning more about your journey with you.

Professional Experience

Zac Palmer, LMFT was trained in Couple and Family Therapy at Adler University. He has worked for Skylight Counseling Center, as well as the school-based, play therapy practice at United Stand Counseling Center.


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