Getting Started in Therapy

Welcome to LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center, we look forward to meeting you.

Becca McCormic and Angel Ziegler
Becca McCormic and Angel Ziegler
Intake Coordinators at LifeWorks

Meet Our Intake Coordinators

We understand that starting therapy can be a daunting task for many. At LifeWorks, it is our goal to make the process of finding a therapist as easy for you as possible. Our intake coordinators take the time to hear your needs and match you with a therapist based on who you are and what you are looking for. 

In an effort to make the process of getting started in therapy at LifeWorks as transparent to you as possible, we have outlined the intake process for you below.


Or, call and leave us a voicemail at:
847-568-1100 ext 1.

Where to begin

To get started, please reach out to us through our Appointment Request form or leave us a voicemail at 847-568-1100 ext 1.

After receiving your message, one of LifeWorks’ intake coordinators, Angel Ziegler or Becca McCormic, will call you for a 10-15 minute intake call. During this intake call, the intake coordinator will discuss with you your insurance, reasons for seeking services, preferred availability, and get a brief overview of your history.

You can generally expect a response to your Appointment Request or inquiry within 1-2 business days. If you would like to contact our Intake Department directly to make sure we’ve received your inquiry, please send us an email at info [at] lifeworkspsychotherapy [dot] com to make sure we’ve received your inquiry.

Lastly, please note that we’re not available at all times to respond to inquiries. If you are in any immediate danger to yourself or others, please go to your nearest emergency room or contact a crisis hotline.

Intake Process and Availability

How long does it take to be matched with a therapist?

After you submit an Appointment Request, you can expect to receive a brief follow-up call from one of our intake coordinators within 1-2 business days. Within a week, we will email you with information about a therapist match and their availability. If for any reason we are unable to match you with a therapist here at LifeWorks, we will instead provide you with referrals to other practices and providers.

Availability and Waitlist

Each of our therapists have their own schedules, so there is a possibility to be seen on weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Weekend and evening availability tends to be most limited since those times are in high demand.

LifeWorks does not currently have a waitlist. However, if we do not have the availability to see you for a specific modality or during a particular day/time, you are always welcome to reach back out in the future to re-inquire about availability.

Accepted Insurance

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
  • Blue Choice
  • Northwestern University’s Aetna Student Health

Does LifeWorks accept my insurance plan?

We are currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Blue Choice, and Northwestern University’s Aetna Student Health plans. Please be sure to call your insurance company to confirm your benefits for outpatient therapy before beginning therapy. When calling Blue Cross Blue Shield, please note that they spell our practice’s name as separate words: “Life Works Psychotherapy Center.” You can give them our Skokie address and our NPI number (1780955815) as a way to confirm our in-network status with your plan.

Other Insurance Types

If you have any other insurance plan, LifeWorks will be considered an out-of-network provider with your plan, and you will be expected to pay $225 for your first session and $185/session for individual therapy or $195/session for relationship therapy at each subsequent session. You will then have the option to make claims to obtain reimbursement from your insurance company. This is your responsibility. LifeWorks can, however, supply you with a superbill monthly to facilitate the reimbursement process.

Out-of-Network Information

More information on out-of-network insurance and what questions to ask your insurance to understand your benefits can be found in this form: Out of Network Insurance Help (PDF download).

Common insurance questions

I don’t understand if therapy is covered by my insurance.
  • You are encouraged to call your insurance company before starting therapy to inquire about your specific plans’ benefits and whether you are in-network with LifeWorks.
  • LifeWorks accepts most BCBS PPO plans and Northwestern University’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) plans as in-network.
  • LifeWorks’ intake coordinators and your therapist will help you clarify your coverage when you start therapy and later if your coverage changes.
I have a high deductible. How can I cover the cost of the deductible?

Speak to LifeWorks’ intake coordinators or your therapist. They can help you develop a payment plan to average out your deductible amounts and co-pays over the remainder of the year.

In-person and Telehealth

Please note that for the time being, LifeWorks is offering limited in-person sessions. Our clinicians are mostly seeing clients virtually through the HIPAA-compliant video platforms, Zoom and Doxy, or by phone.

Once you are matched with your therapist, an intake coordinator will email you a link or instructions for your telehealth sessions. We will also send you a link to complete and sign the Consent Forms Packet and any other information you need for your first session.

Costs of Therapy Services

Fees without Insurance

The full fees (without insurance) for therapy at LifeWorks are $225 for your first session and $185/session for individual therapy and $195/session for relationship therapy for each subsequent session.

Sliding Scale and Reduced Rate Services

The availability to be seen at a sliding scale rate is limited. Each of our staff psychotherapists see a set percentage of their caseload at a sliding scale rate, and whether our sliding scale waiting list is open is based on their availability.

If you have questions or concerns about paying the full rate for services, please bring this up with our intake coordinators during your follow-up intake call after you request an appointment.

Accepted Payments

You will be asked to put a credit or debit card (including HSA/FSA cards) on file when starting therapy at LifeWorks. Our Billing Coordinator will then automatically collect payments for your sessions. We also accept checks by mail.

Consent Forms

Once you are matched with your therapist, an intake coordinator will email you a link or instructions for your telehealth sessions. We will also send you a link to complete and sign the Consent Forms Packet and any other information you need for your first session.


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