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LifeWorks clinicians can provides short-term and on-going case consultation focusing on specific clinical relationships with clients who identify as members of minorities or marginalized groups. Much of our clinical work focuses on transitions, issues and conflicts related to relationships and identities that are marginalized or largely unsupported by society such as LGBTQIAopen relationshipspolyamorykink, sex workers, etc…  We are knowledgeable about intersectionality and the struggles of religious, spiritual, racial, cultural and ethnic minorities.

We offer clinicians an educative, psycho-social point of view on the unique experiences of marginalized individuals and groups and can help clinicians to separate these experience from psychological issues and relationship conflicts their clients may present. Our intention is to bring awareness to the special clinical issues therapists may confront when serving individuals who identify as belonging to one or more marginalized groups and help clinicians to:

  • provide a safe space for these clients to explore unique difficulties they may face
  • learn to recognize the ways that marginalized individuals with intersecting identities may feel stigmatized or pathologized by society, family, friends, so-workers, public institutions and community
  • develop cultural humility by exploring personal ideas, feelings thoughts, beliefs and attitudes therapists may hold towards other cultures or groups
  • develop and use the “metaskills,” or feeling attitudes — of  curiosity, beginner’s mind, acceptance, open-mindedness, compassion, exploration and celebration of the diversity within their clients
  • seek and apply knowledge and understanding to the unique needs of clients who identify with marginalized groups, cultures, ethnicities, religions or races

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LifeWorks clinicians have expertise in a variety areas and can provide tailored training, presentations or consultations for you, your organization or company:

  • Gender and Sexuality in Intimate Relationships
  • Working with Polyamorous Individuals and Relationships
  • Becoming a Poly-friendly Therapist
  • Kink & BDSM
  • Deep Democracy: Working with Marginalized Experience in Ourselves & Our Clients
  • Transforming Therapist Bias
  • Relating to Differences in Our World: Multi-Culturalism and Diversity
  • Process-oriented Psychotherapy or Process Work
  • Conflict Facilitation

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