Support Groups and Events

In group therapy, the group therapist may offer specific observations or questions for you to consider, but much of the value of a therapy group comes from listening and speaking to others in the group and learning to bring yourself into those relationships in new and sometimes unfamiliar ways.

Group facilitation (including therapy and support groups) allows people to come together and learn about themselves in relationship to each other, their community and the world. We invite you to join our community!

Support Groups

All active support groups are listed below – we hope you’ll join us!

Polyamory Support Group

Professional and continuing education for therapists and students

Poly and Kink Aware Chicago Therapists Enjoying the KPACT Kick Back

KPACT: Awareness, Professionalism, Advocacy, Compassion, Training

Kink & Polyamory Aware Therapists (KPACT), is an online community for therapists who honor and celebrate the boundless range of sexuality, eroticism, and relational configurations/styles in our clients.

Live, in-person KPACT events are hosted several times each year. These events offer clinicians an opportunity to network, dialogue and learn together.