Support Groups and Events

Group facilitation (including therapy and support groups) allows people to come together and learn about themselves in relationship to each other, their community and the world. We invite you to join our community!

Support Groups

Active support groups are listed below – we hope you’ll join us!

Upcoming Support Groups

Polyamory Support Group: Monthly Topics

Workshops and Events

Communication Essentials and Beyond

A 2-part workshop series beginning January 2023.

Facilitated by Diane Duan, MA and Antonia Jurkovic, Psy.D., this two-part workshop series on effective communication combines psychoeducation and partnered practice.

This group is appropriate for people wanting to communicate more effectively in relationships of
all kinds, including with friends, partners, family members, coworkers, etc.

Therapist Events

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KPACT, an online group established in 2014, is open to kink & polyam-aware psychotherapists and is intended to be a vehicle for building a professional community, networking and discussion purposes. Live, in-person KPACT events, hosted several times each year, offer clinicians an opportunity to network, dialogue and learn together.

If you are interested in The Green House, upcoming and archived events can be viewed here.