Our Approaches

LifeWorks clinicians embrace the following approaches and use them where appropriate to deepen their work with individuals, relationships, families and groups:

Sex Positive Approach

Sex-positive therapists embrace the idea that consensual sexual activities are fundamentally healthy and pleasurable. While emphasizing personal responsibility between consenting adults, safe sex practices and respect for individual limits and preferences, sex-positive therapists may support clients to explore their sexuality, experiment sexually and discover what works for them.

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Mindfulness is a practice of bringing one’s attention to the present moment with curiosity, openness and acceptance (sometimes referred to as beginner’s mind).

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Body Centered Therapy

Body-centered psychotherapy is an experiential therapy based on the idea that we store or hold information and emotions in our bodies. Said another way, our bodies have a kind of memory for experiences and feelings.

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Process Work

Process Work (or Process-oriented Psychology) is a new paradigm in psychotherapy focusing on understanding human experience and change, designed for working with the entire spectrum of human consciousness.

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Spirituality & Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Counseling is a therapy option for those who wish to explore, deepen or integrate the meaning and movement of the Divine (as each individual defines and understands it) in and through their life journey.

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