March Topic

What Price Relationship “Freedom?”

Saturday, March 7, 2020 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

What Price Relationship “Freedom?”

At the February meeting someone suggested the topic of rejection which I think is deserving of time and attention. I’d like to broaden it a bit to include not only those who’ve felt rejected, but also those who’ve ended or changed up relationships and the feelings that come along with being the “rejector.”

Frequently, it seems that no matter what good the intent, the impact can be quite painful. But what about needs, wants, desires?Yours? and  Yours? And mine? Complex. There was a scene in the movie Out of Africa where Meryl Streep is imploring Robert Redford to stick around. Each making their own case…he for being FREE, to come and to go, she for having the FREEDOM to love him as she would, keeping him around. Hmmm…quite the conundrum.

See you in March.

Hello friends. We invite you to a Poly Support Group facilitated by poly & kink aware elders, Rami Henrich and Cindy Trawinski. This group is a community building effort formed in response to interest from the poly community. Support groups provide community interaction, dialogue and interpersonal support. They are not meant to replace individual therapy, counseling or medical advice.

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