multicolor Autumn forest around blue lake

This post comes from Sarah Evenson of Bridge Between Retreat Center, in Denmark, Wisconsin, just south of Green Bay. It spoke to me of the power of nature to connect us to the earth and move us to recognize something greater than ourselves. 

The picture above was taken this fall in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (B.W.C.A.) up by Canada.

How humbling to see the endless beauty in the season where things begin to end as we perceive them. Their life force going deep into the earth, dormant ’til spring, resting until new life is birthed from their seeds sown. The cycle of their life, is the cycle of our life. Their Creator, our Creator.

Grab that hot cup of tea or java and your autumn gear, and get outside! Breathe in that crisp air and bask in the stillness. Walk in the cleansing mists. Seasons are one of God’s most exquisite languages – what is being said to you?

There must be darkness in order to have light? Nothing is permanent? Brilliance is found in every stage of life? In stillness, is peace?

Or maybe the message is simplicity. That which truly speaks to our heart is free and all around us, within us – we just have to stop and awaken to it. What is being shown to you this fall? Embrace the wisdom of this fall season!

Bridge Between offers private and group retreats focusing on spirituality, wholeness, sustainable living, farming and preservation of heritage.