Febuary Topic

Fear. Of What?

Febuary 5, 2022 10:00am to 12:00pm

Recently, I was speaking with several therapists. I was curious about themes that surfaced in their work with clients who identified as polyamorous. Fear was a common response.

“Fear of what?” I asked.

Here’s what they said….fear of loss, rejection, being replaced, abandonment, not being enough, not getting enough or giving enough time for emotional intimacy and or sexual contact, letting folks know they identify as polyam, judgement, lack of acceptance and loss of love. That’s a lot to worry about. Do you currently carry one or some of these fears, or are you someone who has found ways to manage or dissolve them? Please come to discuss, give and receive support, wherever you are on the polyamorous life path.

All points of view and experiences welcome.