friends on a beach as dusk with a campfire
December Topic

What Gift Are You?

December 2, 2023 10:00am to 12:00pm CST

Our lives are full of big and small gestures and kindnesses, many of which pass with barely a notice. Some of our generosities are unintended. And the impact of some of the things we do or say, is beyond our ability, in the moment, to know or appreciate.

This month, we are celebrating and saying good bye to our founding and much beloved facilitator, Rami Henrich*. As such, we are recognizing the gift that she has been for us as individuals and the polyamory community as a whole.

But let’s go a bit further and celebrate ourselves as well — let’s reflect on the kindnesses and impacts that we have offered to others. Not to be self-aggrandizing or ego-centric but to bring & take to heart the gifts we offer, so we may become better able to give and receive. We invite you to reflect on the gift you are, can be or have been to those in your life. What is your special nature or way that shines a little light for others?

We hope you will join us, Saturday, December 2, as we gather as friends and community members to welcome in the holiday spirit, give our appreciations, reflect on the year ending and look ahead to the next.

*Reach out to Eric Levy ( to contribute a tribute or acknowledgement of Rami to the google doc he is organizing.