Sex Positive Approach

Two Aztec Men Kissing by Cindy Trawinski, © 2001
Two Aztec Men Kissing by Cindy Trawinski, © 2001

Sex-positive therapists embrace the idea that consensual sexual activities are fundamentally healthy and pleasurable. 

While emphasizing personal responsibility between consenting adults, safe sex practices and respect for individual limits and preferences, sex-positive therapists may support clients to explore their sexuality, experiment sexually and discover what works for them. Sex-positivity allows for and, in fact, celebrates sexual diversity, differing desires and relationships structures, and individual choices based on consent between or among partners.

At LifeWorks, we work with people who identify as or are exploring LGBTQIA, polyamory, open relationships, kink and BDSM. We are LGBTQIA, kink and poly friendly and knowledgeable. Our attitude is to normalize, accept and value rather than pathologize longings, desires and sexual behavior recognizing that by including and integrating all parts of ourselves, we can live more congruently.

A word about trauma

It is our belief that trauma can come from thinking that there is something wrong with what we desire as well as from abusive or non-consensual experiences. We believe that both of these types of trauma deserve understanding, validation and healing.

We work with many people who wonder if they are ill because their desires, longings or behaviors are perceived to be outside the “norm”. Our basic attitude is that it is up to each person to determine what is right for them and where their limits are. Knowing for some, there can also be severe trauma history in the background, we take these situations seriously and offer support to examine and explore all facets.

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