Two people sit at an outdoor cafe and seem entranced by each other.
August Topic

NRE: Novelty or Distraction?

August 5, 2023 10 am - noon CST
Many polyamorous people are attracted to freedom and novelty and the learning that comes with those experiences. And yet, every relationship cannot remain new… So, the question arises: is there a way to keep novelty present in your life while preventing “polysaturation”? How is this tension manifesting in your relationship life?  What impact does the pull towards “new or different” have on how connected to or disconnected you feel from others?  How does new relationship experience (NRE) or the need for novelty contribute to or detract from relationship satisfaction you long for? What struggles or self-criticisms do you have around this topic? Let discuss!
We hope you will join us for discussion, support and community.