Becca McCormic has red hair, blue glasses, and a friendly smile.

We are pleased to introduce Becca McCormic, MA, who recently joined LifeWorks as a therapist intern.

How did you first learn about LifeWorks?

When I was researching pre-doctoral internship sites, Lifeworks was the only one that mentioned specialties close to what I hope to achieve in the future: sex therapy, queer & trans populations, and depth work.

What drew you to LifeWorks? 

The commitment to explicit inclusivity pulled me in and as I continued to read about the culture and values that form LifeWorks, I found myself experiencing a deep connection to the framework held here. The picture painted showed this beautiful practice as one made by and for imperfect people. In a culture steeped in showing the most polished or highest achieving aspects, here was a place where I felt I could grow into being a good clinician, while still existing as a real person.

What are you hoping to gain at LifeWorks and how do you imagine it will impact your future?

As an intern, I hope to build a greater sense of my identity as a clinician and continue to create a model of good therapeutic practice. I imagine my future will be richer from existing in such a kind, collaborative space, through the connections made, material learned, and most of all the experience of practicing in a truly welcoming environment. I hope that the work that I do here will also allow me to move closer to a doctorate degree, independent licensure, and AASECT certification.

In the short amount of time, since you joined the LifeWorks, what has surprised you most and why?

The openness of staff and their willingness to hold and be held in vulnerability. I do not believe I have ever been a part of a team that trusted each other as clearly as these folks trust each other.

Anything else professionally that you are particularly looking forward to this year?

Working with the diverse populations that seek support with LifeWorks and continuing to deepen my relationships with therapists that show up as their whole selves are both professional aspects that I am looking forward to this year.

Learn more about Becca, her approach and practice. Becca is accepting new clients.