Queer & Gender Diverse

LifeWorks welcomes trans, queer, genderqueer,  gender non-conforming, gender diverse and intersex individuals (as well as anyone with an LGBTQIA identity) who want help addressing questions about gender identity, expression and presentation, the transition process, inner conflicts, relationships issues and problems, conflicts and concerns about or in their families, places of work and communities.

Our practice is rooted in a deep belief in the value of diversity for ourselves, our families, our clients, our communities and our world. Clinicians at LifeWorks strive to understand and support individuals facing various issues, challenges and beliefs including, but not limited to, the following:

  • distinguishing issues of sexual orientation including gender identity, expression and presentation
  • navigating transitions
  • family of origin conflicts, concerns and problems
  • difficulties and fears related to dating, establishing and maintaining intimate relationships
  • conflicting norms, values, and beliefs faced by trans, queer & gender diverse members of racial and ethnic minority groups
  • specific issues and risks faced by trans, queer and gender diverse youth
  • the effects of stigma (i.e., prejudice, discrimination, and violence) toward trans, queer and gender diverse people
  • the perception that persons identifying as trans, queer or gender diverse are mentally ill
  • the belief that gender orientation is fixed and determined at birth based on observable bio-physical attributes
  • previous experiences with therapists who lacked knowledge of or who held biases against trans, queer and gender diverse persons
  • conditions in the world (extended family, school, work, religious organizations, community) that are hostile to, devalue or do not recognize trans, queer and gender diverse individuals as equal to cisgendered individuals deserving all the same rights and considerations

As much as social attitudes change, continued stigma, harassment, discrimination and violence towards individuals related to gender identity and expression, choice of partners and sexual orientation is a fact of life for many. If you are someone who wants support to work through these or other issues, please give us a call at 847-568-1100.

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If you are someone needing to work through these or other issues, please get in touch with us.

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