Ruth Johnson

We are very happy to introduce Ruth Johnson, LCPC. We talked to Ruth about her decision to join the Green House and what it means for her.

How did you first learn about the Green House?

I learned about the Green House through Jo Flannery, a former fellow of the Green House program. I had met her when she presented at several IAMFT conferences with a friend of mine. Prior to speaking with Jo, I had heard about KPACT from a fellow MFT and have been aware of LifeWorks for several years before learning about the Green House Program. I had always assumed that the program was geared towards new graduates so I never really gave it a second thought until earlier this year when I received an email from KPACT that featured information about the Green House and I realized I’ve been missing out on an amazing opportunity! I immediately reached out to Essie Shachar-Hill and started the application process.

What drew you to the Green House?

The Green House has everything I have been looking for in a fellowship. It has been my professional goal to develop my skills and build my private practice with the LGBTQ+, kink and poly communities in mind. A lot of relational therapy is geared towards heterosexual monogamous relationships and I want to grow my practice into a more inclusive and affirming relational therapy practice. I believe the Green House can guide me to harmonize my passion for relational therapy with my desire to serve these populations well.

What are you hoping to gain form being in the Green House and how do you imagine it will impact your future?

I hope to gain a greater understanding of process-oriented psychology and it’s use with individuals and relationships — to be able to explore with my clients in a way that promotes healing and understanding is such a empowering and transformative experience.

In the short amount of time since you joined the Green House, what has surprised you most and why?

I was surprised with how quicky I felt connected to and supported by the other cohort members as well as the LifeWorks team. I anticipated I would engage in exercises that would be introspective but I did not expect to open up so early or on the first day I met everyone. It has been reassuring that I am in the right place and with like-minded people who are here to build grow and flourish together.

Anything else professionally you are particularly looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to discovering my blind-spots and to challenging myself as a therapist. I have been yearning for a growth experience and I believe Green House will help me develop more skills and tools to become a more effective therapist.

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