Amz Stump

We are very happy to introduce Amz Stump, MA, LPC. We talked to Amz about their decision to join the Green House and what it means for them. 

How did you first learn about the Green House?

I found out from a personal referral to the webpage about the Green House fellowship. 

What drew you to the Green House?

After reading about the Green House fellowship, I was hooked! 1) Being a part of a cohor, 2) training in depth-oriented psychotherapy, 3) utilizing the self of the therapist framework, and 4) the populations that LifeWorksll aspects that serves! All of that and more have drawn me to the Green House. 

What are you hoping to gain form being in the Green House and how do you imagine it will impact your future?

I hope to gain knowledge about the populations I will be serving as well as insight about myself and my clients as I integrate the knowledge I am soaking up. I imagine this will pave the way for me to get my footing as a new professional and allow me to (hopefully) carry forward the connections I will have made by participating in the Green House.

In the short amount of time since you joined the Green House, what has surprised you most and why?

How truly high-touch the program is! It is one thing to say it but to really feel a part of a collective is transformative!

Anything else professionally you are particularly looking forward to this year?

I anticipate moving through very necessary discomfort (as well as moments of comfort) as I address growth edges with my supervisor and cohort. In short, I’m looking forward to widening my window of tolerance. 

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