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10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently

[soliloquy id=”6983″] Kent Julian is a professional speaker and business owner.  This slide show is an adaptation of his original post on his website, Live It Forward. Photo Credits: Photo 1 – A Smile Shared by Chi Tranter via Flickr CC CC BY 2.0 Photo 2 – couple by bambe1964 via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0 Photo […] Read more “10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently”

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Discovering Optimism

For some scientists, happiness is best defined as “subjective well-being”. In other words, it’s relative to the individual and their experience. From this perspective, happiness is different for each of us.  In the Happiness Advantage, author, Shawn Achor, notes that, “happiness implies a positive mood in the present and a positive outlook on the future.” […] Read more “Discovering Optimism”