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The holiday season is a time to reflect on the people, experiences, privileges and events for which we can be thankful.  I discovered this mindfulness meditation in Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakening. It reminds me that the whole of existence is a miracle. May it bring you a sense of connection, gratitude and appreciation.

Close your eyes.

Imagine that what wakes in you has lived forever, and that it wakes within a soft and resilient casing of tissue that will take you wherever you want; that you have these delicate surfaces through which to feel wind and see light and sense the spirit of everything else that has lived forever.

Imagine that once awake, you walk in a world where small creatures fly about our heads and sing, where colorful, juicy things grow on trees, that you can eat what grows from dust. Imagine that there is always water running nearby, that you can wash the tiredness from your face as often as you like.

Imagine that once awake, you live in a time where there are others you can talk to about this miracle of being alive, others you can laugh with and cry with, others you can love.

Imagine you can open your eyes and dance in a world where water can fall from the sky, that you can open your throat and song can come from it, that you can find the sun and let it warm the flower of you into being.

Now open your eyes and receive that it is all true, it is all here, it is all now…

Thank you for joining me for a Thanksgiving Meditation!