Meet Our Intake Coordinator, Greenlee Brown

Greenlee Brown
Gender pronouns: they, them, theirs
Greenlee Brown
Personal pronouns: they, them, theirs

Greenlee moved from Buffalo, NY in August 2017, and began working with LifeWorks in October in an administrative capacity. They are a writer, a musician, and a community organizer. Before moving to Chicago, they received their MA in English and taught writing classes and led gender and sexuality workshops at both the high school and college level.

Greenlee was also very active in Buffalo’s queer and poly communities, and helped develop and lead many events, including film series, concerts, and even a poly-friendly potluck and discussion group! Over the past six months at LifeWorks, Greenlee has strengthened and expanded their skills to include responding to requests for service, coordinating marketing and programs for Kink & Poly Aware Chicago Therapists (KPACT), and working within the LifeWorks community to affirm diversity, equity, and inclusion.

While Greenlee is responsible for setting up initial appointments for new clients, they believe their role goes further than that: it’s their job to find a time and place that work for you, with a therapist who fits your individual needs and can offer you the support you’re seeking. They take your thoughts, concerns, and questions into account while setting up your intake appointment, and they try to be as accessible as possible. When you call LifeWorks, you’ll most likely find Greenlee on the other end of the line!

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About Cindy Trawinski, Psy.D., Dipl. PW

Cindy Trawinski is a licensed clinical psychologist, a Diplomate in Process-oriented Psychology (also known as Process Work) and a certified Imago Relationship Therapist. She is a founding partner of LifeWorks Psychotherapy Center and North Shore Psychotherapy Associates and has offices in Skokie, IL. Cindy is the former CEO of the Process Work Institute, in Portland, OR and a member of the International Association of Process-oriented Psychology (IAPOP), in Zurich, Switzerland. Cindy is a frequent speaker on topics including: Diversity and Multicultural Issues; Sex Positivity; Rank & Power; Therapist Bias; and Polyamory.